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Lessons from diversity of directed evolution experiments by an analysis of 3,000 mutations.
14 July 2014
Zhao J, Kardashliev T, Joelle
Biotechnol Bioeng 2014
Diversity generation by random mutagenesis is often the first key step in directed evolution...
Bacillus gibsonii alkaline protease
1 November 2012
Martinez R, Jakob F, Tu R, Sie
Biotechnol Bioeng. 2013 Mar
Bacillus gibsonii Alkaline Protease (BgAP) is a recently reported subtilisin protease exhibiting...
Review: To get what we aim for - progress in diversity generation methods
5 June 2013
Ruff AJ, Dennig A, Schwaneberg
FEBS J., 280 (2013), 2961-2978
Protein re-engineering by directed evolution has become a standard approach for tailoring enzymes...
Reengineered glucose oxidase for amperometric glucose determination in diabetes analytics
20 June 2013
Arango Gutierrez E, Mundhada H
Biosensors and Bioelectronics
Glucose oxidase is an oxidoreductase exhibiting a high β-d-glucose specificity and high stability...

Quality Enzyme Solutions

Quality Enzyme Solutions

SeSaM-Biotech provides its Quality Enzyme Solutions for the use in industrial processes for fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and nutrients and beverages, feedstocks, textiles, pulp and paper as well as biofuels.

Since nature did not evolve enzymes to be the perfect biocatalyst and tolerate industrial conditions, we use protein engineering to enhance the enzymes' performances under industrial conditions. Such enzyme evolution is performed by introducing mutations on the gene level in order to obtain altered enzyme variants with improved properties. We are able to effectively optimize enzymes towards

  • higher activity/yield
  • enhanced thermo- or pH-stability
  • increased organic solvent resistance
  • improved specificity
  • larger or narrowed substrate spectrum
  • protease resistance
  • decreased subsrate or product inhibition
  • reduce sequence similarity with patented enzymes


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